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Wedding Themes (India)

Check out Famous Wedding Themes/Ideas presented below, that will make your wedding function/ceremony a memorable one.

The different Wedding themes / d├ęcor looks can be classified as per to the event. Below are some of the themes that can be very well go with the ambiance of the event accordingly:

Few Themes for the Mehendi decor are as follows :
Oriental - Chinatown Oriental Wishes!
We will brighten the entire decor & tables with this sophisticated Chinatown pattern. Red and gold and trimmed with Cherry blossoms this pattern will make for a beautiful table.

Lounge Theme. – We give the entire ambiance a down seating arrangement with lot of couches in any colour theme combination as per selected by the client.

Differnent wedding themes are:
Chandni chowk Theme
Village Theme
Rajasthani Theme

Few Themes for the Cocktail decor are as follows :
Ship Theme - Where we can create an entire ship,with 2 decks and have the waiters dressed as sea men and pirates etc and the food counters made a life boats with tubes and all.Dress the guests with jewells,beads etc.

Mascarade Theme - We will make the entire decor with Mirror and different designs of Masks etc will be used.We can have the guests also to wear masks.We can have a photo shoot area etc.

Black is black - A Magical Black Affair!
Have a black themed party - complete with hats, paper goods, beads,
and boas. This section includes everything you'll need to make yourblack party a hit.

Few Themes for the Wedding decor are as follows :
Fire Theme - Here we can have the entire decor in red and orange and have the stage / dance floor with a fire backdrop and use alot of mashals all over.The waiters anbd food counters will also be co - ordinated accordingly.

Gold Glimmers - Gold maracas, beads, and hats will make your gold gala an event to remember. Click on the sub-sections below to see our variety of party items for your event. Make your party glimmer with

We have various colour theme combination :
Purple Power
Red Raves
Silver Shines
Think Pink
True Blue
White is Bright
Yellow Smiles

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